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May 2013

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eros494 in theykissagain

Omelets Burnt

Title: Omelets Burnt
Author: Eros494
Characters: Zhi Shu/ Xiang Qin
Summary: Zhi Shu eats Xiang Qin’s cooking
Rating: PG
Warning: Fluffiness
Disclaimer: I do not own ISWAK or Aerial and Joe

Zhi Shu sat at the breakfast table reading the newspaper and sipping coffee as Xiang Qin busied herself with another disastrous dish. She went back and forth from kitchen to table; first bringing more coffee, then fruit and finally omelets that she set before him with a hearty smile turning up the corner of her lips. “Dig in,” she said taking a seat, forgetting to remove her flour covered apron first. Zhi Shu could feel her eyes on him as he lowered the paper and set it aside. He looked at the dish before him and smiling weakly for she insisted on serving him. “I’ll pick the good ones,” she said grimacing at the burnt ones littering the top. She moved those aside with a spatula and place the slightly burnt ones on his plate. “Ah… eat around the burnt parts,” she smiled meeting his weary eyes and grinning even more widely.

Zhi Shu looked at the food before him and frowned. “Well, that’s the whole thing isn’t it,” he said smiling to himself. Could her cooking get any worse? He thought to himself buying himself some time by drinking yet more coffee.

He heard her huff in that puppy dog way of hers and he quickly regretted his words. Setting his mug aside he grabbed a fork and knife and dug head first into the omelet.

“You don’t have to eat it,” she grimaced eyeing the food on the end of his fork. “I can order something if you…”

He slipped the food into his mouth and chewed. The eggs were tough at first and something crunched, but he paid the texture no mind as he went in for another helping.

He didn’t have to look at her to know she was smiling now. He could feel her happiness radiating across the table and it pleased him more than he would care to admit.

One and a half omelets later, Zhi Shu stood up and grabbed his school bags from the table.

“You’re leaving already?” Xiang Qin asked. “Wait for me,” she said struggling to pull the apron off. She almost squealed when she saw him leave from the house. “Zhi Shu!”

He paused outside the door for a second to give her a chance to catch up but when she didn’t come out, he could hear her jumping up and down to put her shoes on, he left for the bus stop.

This was their routine since his parents had gone on a vacation to the hot springs taking Yu Shu along. Xiang Qin would cook for him, he would lie about not being hungry and when he left the house, she would run to catch up with him. He was comfortable. He could pretty much count the seconds it would take her to finally leave the house and come running behind him, calling his name and whining when she finally caught up to him.

When she caught up to him today however, she didn’t complain, but walked quietly at his side. When he looked at her he didn’t see an irritated grimace on her face, but rather a look of silent contentment. She looked pleased with herself.

“Why are you smiling?” he said slowing down just enough to hear her answer. She smiled up at him as she toyed with the ends of her hair. “You finally ate my cooking,” she grinned toothily. He saw a small pep come into her step.

It was then that he realized he liked her. If a small thing like his eating her cooking pleased her this much, he couldn’t imagine what would happen when their relationship grew and he let his guard down and the small things he didn’t realize he was doing for her turned into larger more practiced things that brought such a goofy smile to her lips. Seeing her smile now would be nothing compared to seeing her smile then. It was then, as they walked to the bus stop, that he promised himself that he would keep that goofy grin on her face, no matter how irritated he sometimes got with her.

He rolled his eyes at her cocky smile and grinned to himself. “You really are weird, you know?,” he said.

She laughed and nudged him in the arm and together they bantered as they went on their way to a future neither of them could see coming.


v. v. sweet. nice to read some iswak fanfic.
Yah XDDDDDDDDD LUV it ^^ so cute =3 You should write more ^_~ Its very hard to find fics from this serie ;_;
Thanks. I'm happy you liked it.

I know what you mean. I haven't come across any fanfic at all. Would you happen to have some links?
you're welcome XD

About others fics that I found (just 2):


http://www.winglin.net/fanfic/SheenI/ (higly recommend, one of the BEST fic ever, its a pity that after ending part 1 the autor didnt write part 2, but every fan HAS to read this fic) - in this one they use the japanese name, its based in the japanese manga and dorama XD

thank you

thank you for continuing ISWAK for I love this story so much..and i like how the story goes..hope you will update more..